Play Quiz before class on App, Prepare with Videos and attend Live Class App continually measures students’ proficiency levels and provides feedback designed to help them achieve mastery Google Play Apple Store
Gamification of Learning with Image, Case, Fact based MCQ Quizzes on every exam topic Learnograph measures students’ Quiz answers, response times to figure out precisely what they know, how they best learn and how they forget.A teacher who knows his student’s mind is the best teacher .Learning is a joy ride as student fills his Learning gaps and progress faster.

AI for Education

Personalised Learning to every student

Topic wise MCQ Quizzes

Performance in 10 MCQ Quizzes by students makes Teacher diagnose the Learning Gaps

Lifelong Learning Companion

Learnograph Listens to student , Talks to student and Mentors student everyday.

Picture Picture


Learnograph's Data Algorithm Scans the Learning Gaps and personalises the Lesson plan.


Any exam has 500 High Yield Topics and 5000 Learning objectives that a student need to master.


Playing Quiz on App either Solo or Random opponent gamifies Learning